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street date: 2017 fall

Advoxya Records


The Schyzzo electro band was formed in 2005 thanks to 3 friends’ co-operation. Karl Zack is responsible for the synthesizers along with programming and production on all tracks and vocals. Victor Miller plays synthesizers live and Brazil used to handled the electronic drums (he left the band in 2009). They use only hardware instruments as a fight against standardized software-music productions. Schyzzo is known as the “Hungarian Prodigy” in Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their main influences are the FLA, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Cure, Anthony Rother, Slayer, FOTN, Beastie Boys and the early Prodigy.  
„It is difficult to name the style. Maybe I could simplify the matter when I say that Schyzzo is mixing together the main traits of electro, oriental, breakbeat and punk with industrial effects. It’s definitely club music, very intense and powerful, surprisingly tuneful at the same time. We don't want to be similar to others, like no one wants, don't want ideology and don’t want poetry. But there is one thing we would like to create and it's the mood. A certain mood, which could not came into life if this world wouldn't be as it is. We want to free your emotions and energies out from your body…that’s all.”



We are a contracted band with Advoxya Records from 2006 with the following official releases:

(Check the sound by clicking on cover.)

Interfear's Network (2006)

Sexshop (2009)

Striptease and Revolt (2013)

Clash (2017)

The first release was just a first step; the hard noisy and distorted sounds are in the past. The second and the third album have clear sound; they are more powerful and include much more melodies. Besides making the albums the band is working continuously in the studio on remixes for different bands and features on compilations.



Some live performance organized by the band and the publisher:
Utrecht, Netherland - Ekko Club
Alkmaar, Netherland - Parkhof Club
Budapest, Hungary, Sziget Festival
St.Petersburg, Russia
Budapest, Hungary, Kultiplex
Cherkassy, Ukraine - Energy Open Air Festival
Kiev, Ukraine
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Budapest, Hungary, Contrast Festival
Kharkov, Ukraine
Cherkassy, Ukraine
....and more



Q: How old are you?

A: 35, both of us (in 2016).

Q: You really don't use any programs in your music?

A: For editing and for mastering we use computer, but the sound comes from hardware synthesizers.

Q: What are your favorite instruments?

A: JP-8000 (Karl) and MicroKorg (Victor).

Q: On stage live or playback?

A: Karl sings live of course with live modulations, Victor plays what he can with his two hands.

Q: What are the conditions for a stage performance?

A: A connector for power exists.